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Services & Content

The aim is to increase the area and utility services and digital content through the development of interoperable platforms of e-services and the creation, integration and promotion of electronic information and knowledge of the region.

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Human capital

The purpose of the area to raise awareness and competence in the potential to use information and communication technologies in the area of private and professional inhabitants of the region of Silesia.

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The aim is to improve the area of technical and economic availability of information and communication infrastructure in the province of Silesia.

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IV Forum e-Regions

8 - 9 December 2016. In Katowice held the Fourth Forum of e-Regions. The meeting was attended by representatives of Marshal Offices from 9 regions.
E-Forum of Regions is organized periodically by ŚCSI meeting of representatives of all the provinces, during which the person engaged in the development of the information society discuss current activities.